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    Hello and calling Fallenangel! Empty Hello and calling Fallenangel!

    Post  josh120 on Fri Mar 08, 2013 3:19 pm

    Good day all, I'm glad to find this forum. I've had Star Wars LEGO in my life since 1999 when I was just a teenager. I snapped up the original wave of 5 sets quickly, except for my most anticipated one -the 7140 X-Wing, which I had to wait agonizingly to arrive from Shop @ Home. Fittingly, so many years later, I still have LEGO X-Wings on the brain.

    I lurk on Eurobricks and noticed Fallenangel's searing (but constructive and honest) criticisms of various X-Wing MOCs. A Google search led me here; I signed up specifically to ask him to critique my own model. It's old, over ten years ago in fact, yet survived to this day.

    Hello and calling Fallenangel! Xwpic1

    This seemed like Gold perfection ten years ago, but it doesn't pass my more discerning eye. Since it is the personal goal of any decent human being to be in possession of the finest LEGO X-Wing as mentally and physically possible, I feel that a redesign is incumbent upon me.

    Though I have made several tweaks and improvements over the years that make it look more interesting and detailed, what you see from these old photos represents an essentially unchanged build. I now notice glaring flaws: the rear fuselage is not thick enough, nor hexagonal enough; the engine piece will NOT work in any X-Wing because it should be only fully cylindrical viewed from the front of a wing; I could have been far more detailed in markings and "wear" on the forward hull, or even worked in torpedo tubes...and lots of other flaws.

    My goal is to design a new model that rectifies these flaws, takes advantage of new pieces available, replace all red with dark red, and, my biggest motivator, has wings that open in unison a la UCS. (The rubber band technique in sets is an abomination).

    I thought it would be nice to hear what Fallenangel has to say about my last iteration before I dive in. Judging from his past critiques, it could save me valuable time/thought/backtracking/starting over. Of course, all opinions are welcome.

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