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    KOTBR Forum Guidelines Empty KOTBR Forum Guidelines

    Post  Fallenangel on Mon Jul 11, 2011 7:34 pm

    Hello, new member, and welcome to KOTBR! In order to maintain an efficient, functioning, and fun forum we have to set some ground rules in place:


    This site is intended for anyone over 13 years of age. While we are fine with underage members joining, please be aware that all members are held to the same standards regarding netiquette, abidance to the forum guidelines, and such. Posting that you are underage or making otherwise immature posts are a quick way to get banned.


    You are allowed one account and one only. The staff will find out if you create two accounts; we have our ways. Save us some time and stick with one.

    Please exercise your own good judgment regarding what you choose to say about yourself on your profile. We request that you fill in your Location in your profile.

    You can send Personal Messages to other members after a mere ten posts. PMs should be used for onsite communications and conversation. Sending a harsh PM to another member is not OK; if you receive one please report it to staff as soon as possible.

    Please do not use your account for advertising or promoting other sites, as it is highly annoying and generally frowned upon. Repeated spamming incidents will likely result in banning. An exception to this rule is in your signature and when sharing an offsite MOC.


    When creating a thread, think about what it contains, where you’re posting it, and its contents. Threads that produce 'lists' of things (e. g. 'What is your favorite ___) usually do not generate much insightful discussion and serve only to clutter up the forums; they are generally discouraged here. If a thread that says “Wuz up gyz u play Halo?” is in the CW MOC forum, we’ll be most disappointed. However, if you put that in the Cantina and write “After a little while playing, I’ve become quite a fan of the Halo game series; does anybody else play?”, you’d get a thumbs-up from us.

    Members are permitted to ‘bump’ a topic that has not been posted in for over two weeks, but only if they have something substantial to add to the discussion.

    In a MOC thread, we want to hear more about your model. Tell what you like about it, what you don’t like, and what troubles you had designing it. We have lots of talent here, and we’d be happy to help you develop your model.

    Posting in Threads:

    We request that you post in English and in English only. If your English skills are not quite up to par and you find yourself frequently using a translator to post, this is probably not the site for you.

    A post within a topic should probably consist of several sentences. Make sure that you aren’t making several short posts in rapid succession, turning a topic into a chat-room. This will be viewed as spam. Just think carefully about what you're saying first, and don't be afraid to use the 'Preview' button before submitting your reply. Add to the conversation with your personal insights and Ideas. Heavy use of profane language, Internet slang, ‘lolspeak’, offensive posts, and the like is discouraged and will probably annoy staff as well as other members.

    Please refrain from posting personal or confidential information about other members; it may have consequences beyond the control of anyone here. Refrain also from linking to viruses, spyware, offensive sites, and the like.

    Spelling and Grammar:

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    Yay i get a new in game friend! I play weekly and I will be playing mostly as my paradox or sentenal guys. Hey have you used the ninja fortress model pack scam? Because if you do it a lot the thing cost more. so phil is done now bill and will get valiants. You know i don't really like the assembaly that much but hes he one with the rares

    Posts like these will only anger staff and, if seen consistently, will result in banning.
    See here for further instructions on spelling and grammar.


    Pictures should not exceed 800x600 pixels in size. If you absolutely must post a large image, link to it and specify that you're linking to a larger image. Not everyone has a 50mbps Internet connection.

    Avatars and Signatures:
    Your avatar must not exceed 100x100 pixels in size, and your signature should not contain any pictures larger than 150 pixels in height. Animated GIFs will not be tolerated in either.


    The staff members are to be treated with the same respect as all members. We work hard to run the site and hope to deliver the best experience we possibly can. Do not argue on issues with the staff; what we say goes. However, do not be intimidated by the staff either; if you have a suggestion or question, feel free to ask.

    Topics with Political, Religious, or Controversial Subjects:

    Topics of a political, religious, or controversial nature are not to be posted anywhere. While we understand how the matters can be important to our members, we are a Lego site. We have to remain welcoming to all members no matter what their beliefs are. For example, if somebody opens a topic about a new clone brand right after a natural disaster hits, you are not to make a comment like "How can you be worried about this when people are without food right now." This is unproductive; while we feel for those in the disaster, comments that link everything to a catastrophe are disruptive.

    By violating any of these terms, you put yourself at risk of being temporarily or permanently banned. Abiding by these rules and making yourself an upstanding member can only bring good things, so enjoy!

    ~ The KOTBR Staff
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