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    Star Wars MOC Forum Guidelines Empty Star Wars MOC Forum Guidelines

    Post  Brickdoctor on Mon Mar 28, 2011 4:09 pm

    Posting MOCs
    All right, so you've got a great new LEGO Star Wars thing, and you want to show it off! First off, figure out if it belongs here.
    MOC - My Own Creation. Something you built yourself. If you have a custom Minifig, Review, WIP, or anything else that isn't a finished Star Wars MOC or Mod, it doesn't belong here. Check one of the other forums.
    Mod - Modification. An MOC that's more of a series of changes made to an official set and less of a creation built from the ground up.

    Now then, you have this really great Star Wars MOC, here's some things to keep in mind while posting:
    -Choose a relevant title. Nothing turns away other fans like "Awsum Rebel Ship". You get a cookie for using the specific name. (e.g., T-65 X-wing Starfighter) Just don't make it too long or people will think you're trying to show off your knowledge. (e.g., Alliance to Restore the Republic Incom Corporation T-65 X-wing Space Superiority Fighter) If you're posting a Mod, it's usually best to use the same name as the set you modified.
    -Add a tag to your title. This is either [Mod] or [MOC], depending on what you're posting. (e.g, [MOC] T-65 X-wing or [Mod] 6212 X-wing Fighter)
    -Make sure to specify what scale the MOC is in. In general, the scales are as follows, from smallest to largest:
    Microscale - anything smaller than 1:200 scale.
    MINI - technically MOCs at or close to 1:200 scale, usually ships scaled to a person with the height of one brick. This, however, is a general term that a lot of people use for microscale models as well.
    Midi-scale - technically, this is a scale larger than MINI and smaller than minifig-scale, although lots of people use it for large microscale ships between 1 and 1.5 feet long.
    System-scale - this is the scale of any set TLG has ever done that they intend to be in the same scale as minifigs. You probably shouldn't use it for your MOCs; pick one of the more specific scales. This is mostly used to describe sets.
    Minifig-scale - scaled to minifigs. Because minifig proportions aren't the same as those of humans, this can vary from roughly 1:40 to roughly 1:30.
    UCS-scale - anything bigger than minifig scale, although often also used to describe micro- or MINI-scale ships of larger than 3 feet.
    Macro- or Maxifig-scale - this is probably the rarest of scales. It involves building the ship in minifig- or System-scale and then building a scaled-up replica of it.

    Finally, make sure people can see your model! Embed a picture from another site, such as Brickshelf or flickr. As per forum guidelines, this image should not exceed 800x600 pixels in size.

    Commenting on MOCs
    This is really up to you how you like to comment, just keep your comments useful and use appropriate words and grammar. "Awsum!" posts are no help. Put something worth reading in your comments. Say what you liked about it. The opposite is also true. Don't just say "This is MegaBloks!", say what you didn't like and how you think it could be improved. See also Critiquing MOCs. Also, "Please post instructions!"-type comments are generally frowned upon. Builders put a lot of effort into their models, and may not want to give away their secrets. If a builder wants to post instructions, he will. If he doesn't, don't ask.

    Critiquing MOCs
    Firstly, remember that most builders invest time, money, and effort into building a creation they deem worthy of presenting to the online community. Respect that. Secondly, remember that each builder has his own style. Some are accuracy-freaks, some want their models to simply look aesthetically pleasing, and some want their models to look like TLG's sets. Not everyone loves SNOT, not everyone loves illegal connections, not everyone loves TLG's studded look, and so on.

    LEGO is an always-changing medium. There are always new ways to improve your model. It doesn't matter if you're a veteran builder or a literal n00b, by posting an MOC here you are acknowledging that this forum is designed to offer constructive criticism.

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