wassup yo (or This Will Get You Banned)

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    wassup yo (or This Will Get You Banned) Empty wassup yo (or This Will Get You Banned)

    Post  lucifer42 on Thu Jul 21, 2011 10:48 pm

    hi evryone im john n im 8yrsold but u can call me lucifer42* cuz thats my nm @runescape, also i need a gf... uh kddng just kddng**

    i luv runescape n also xbox live i pla w my dd all d tiem

    ep2 wuz teh best of all sw movis cuz haydn n hot natali potman r kewt 2getr, i h8 ep5 cuz it wuz teh boringest 1***

    i luv legos but mocing s4 luzers get a lief u n00bs

    y do u guys h8 megsblox tehyr xactle teh sam s legos!!! lol rolfmao

    EDIT: Excuse me Mind your own business Please Sir, that was my 8 Year old Grandson! Be Nice to him or you will, Answer to me.

    *See what I did there?

    **I've actually seen people write like this on Facebook. One friend of mine insists that it is 'a whole different language'. Also, there's a Eurobricks reference in there somewhere.

    ***I'm hoping someone actually got the Red Letter Media reference here.
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    wassup yo (or This Will Get You Banned) Empty Re: wassup yo (or This Will Get You Banned)

    Post  Brickdoctor on Fri Jul 22, 2011 12:35 am

    Your post disregards basically every rule we have, and judging by your description of yourself (or what I could read of it), this is not the forum for you. If you want to discuss hot girls and XBox, with the occasional post about LEGO sets, I suggest you find another site. Or create your own group. Facebook would probably be a good option.

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