On the Importance of Proper Spelling and Grammar on an Online Forum

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    On the Importance of Proper Spelling and Grammar on an Online Forum Empty On the Importance of Proper Spelling and Grammar on an Online Forum

    Post  Fallenangel on Sun Apr 03, 2011 4:45 am

    We all know that ever since chat rooms and texting came into being online standards for spelling and grammar have been plummeting. This site is not the place for such careless, misspelled chitchat. It is a site for respectfully and maturely discussing people’s MOCs and aimed at an audience that is expected to do so.

    Think of this: you can type a word in a fraction of the time it would take for you to write it out. As such, in using this forum and even in using your computer we are appreciating the benefits of technological development. Thanks to keyboards, we can say what we want to say without actually speaking more quickly than ever before. Even then, people decide to be lazy – they leave out vowels and neglect capitalization, sometimes choosing to be so careless as to substitute single letters and numbers for entire vowel sounds (im sur no 1 wod want 2 dis r tink its gr8). It takes so little time to capitalize a letter on a word processing program and even less time to put in a comma or a period. It is possible to correct a mistake in seconds with a few quick keystrokes. With standardized fonts and scripts handwriting is no longer a determining factor in the readability of your message.

    If you feel you absolutely cannot take the time to utilize proper capitalization and spelling when commenting on an MOC it will be better for the MOcer and for yourself for you to refrain from leaving a comment at all because it is clear that you feel the MOCer and his or her MOC is not worth your time.

    Let’s show MOCers that we have a genuine interest in what they’ve made and, if leaving constructive criticism, a real desire to help them. Please make an effort to use proper spelling and grammar.

    "I'll be honest here; your criticism is typically condescending and unpleasant.  It's one thing to offer constructive criticism, but your comments can hardly be considered constructive.  You are constantly knocking into others for failing to achieve perfection and are overtly negative about work which is not yours."

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