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    Post  Brickdoctor on Wed Mar 30, 2011 11:15 am

    If you're like most people, you're wondering what sorts of cool ranks, tags, and other surprises that you can obtain for your profile. But before we get to preoccupied with those things, we, like most Admins, have some guidelines to set in place:

    -While some of the Ranks can be obtained at a certain number of posts, posting many short posts, going on 'posting sprees', and bumping older topics with short posts will be regarded as spam. You could be banned. Don't do it.
    -You cannot become Staff just by posting a lot. You can make 1,000,000,000 posts, but if you don't show you are a good member who does a lot to help the forum (and if we don't need help at the moment), then you still won't become Staff.
    -You also cannot gain Tags or Titles by posting a lot. We'll award them when we think you deserve one.
    -Do not ask for a Rank, Tag, or Title. It only lessens the chance you'll get one.
    -It should be noted that Ranks are a fun little thing to encourage dedication, and they in no way reflect building skill.

    Normal Ranks:
    Member Ranks, Titles, and Tags Newrank
    Everyone starts here at the I'm New! rank, but all you have to do is make ten (good, not spam) posts, and you'll receive your first promotion.

    Member Ranks, Titles, and Tags Fiddlerrank
    After those ten posts, you've now ranked up for the first time! We congratulate you on your promotion to Brick Fiddler by allowing you to send PMs.

    Member Ranks, Titles, and Tags Stackerrank
    When you become a Brick Stacker, we recognize you as someone who is 'in to' LEGO at least enough to make 100+ posts on our forum.

    Member Ranks, Titles, and Tags Assemblerrank
    500+ posts is a big achievement! Apart from being recognized as someone who doesn't just show up now and then, you now bear the rank of Brick Assembler, and you've graduated from a basic brick icon to your first SNOT brick.

    Member Ranks, Titles, and Tags Artisanrank
    Brick Artisans have done something special. They have a four-digit post count. 1000+ posts is what it takes to become one. Brick Artisan's names also show up in green.

    Member Ranks, Titles, and Tags Architectrank
    Brick Architects are highly respected. They've reached a post count of 2500+. Their names show up in orange.

    Member Ranks, Titles, and Tags Engineerrank
    Dedication is the key here. The right to wear the Rank of the Purple Brick comes only at a lofty 5000+ posts, and with it comes a username in purple.

    Member Ranks, Titles, and Tags Postalotrank
    If you make the 100,000+ posts required to attain this rank, you seriously deserve a metallic brick. Ooh, shiny...

    Admins have control of the whole forum. If the board software allows it, the Admins can do it. They're here to serve.

    Member Ranks, Titles, and Tags Kotbradminrank
    Normal KOTBR Admins don't have any specific job on the board. They do it all.

    Member Ranks, Titles, and Tags Techadminranknew
    The Technical Admin was brought on board in the site's infancy to create graphics, set up the various forums, ranks, and privileges, and check the grammar of the rules. He doesn't emerge much now that the site is off and running.

    Moderators clean up particularly messy topics or posts to make sure the forum is easy to use.

    Member Ranks, Titles, and Tags Modrank
    KOTBR Moderators gain control over the entire public board. Their purpose is to keep the board neat and tidy.

    Member Ranks, Titles, and Tags Referencemodrank2
    The Reference Moderator really knows his stuff when it comes to accuracy and good reference sources. He also really loves X-wings.

    Member Ranks, Titles, and Tags Minifigmodrank
    The Minifig Customization forum needed a Moderator, so the one who suggested creation of that area stepped up to do the job.

    Other Ranks:
    Member Ranks, Titles, and Tags Bannedrank
    This is the only rank you can get instantly by making one post. But you shouldn't be aiming for it.

    Titles are lines of text displayed beneath your Rank like "Local Grammar Professor" or "sort of a n00b". They aren't meant to criticize or humiliate anyone; they're mostly just a way for us Staff to tease the other members. If you find your Title offensive and/or do not wish to have a Title, please don't hesitate to PM a Staff member and we will remove it.

    Member Ranks, Titles, and Tags TagbrickexpertMember Ranks, Titles, and Tags TaglddMember Ranks, Titles, and Tags TagrebelMember Ranks, Titles, and Tags TagcustomizerMember Ranks, Titles, and Tags Tagwinner
    Tags are little images that appear on your profile to show that you've done something special. You're not entitled to any tags; you have to work for them. Do not ask for a tag. The appropriate staff member will award you a tag when he feels you are deserving of it. If you see an unfamiliar tag on someone else's profile, you can hover your cursor over it for a few moments and a line of text will appear telling you what it's for.

    Model Citizen Tag:
    Member Ranks, Titles, and Tags Tagmodelcitizen
    This is the one tag worth explaining here. As you might guess, those who have these are Model Citizens. They've demonstrated that they're quality posters who make consistent positive contributions. They can Moderate the Cantina forum.

    Member Ranks, Titles, and Tags Radicalogo40
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