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    Post  Fallenangel on Wed Mar 30, 2011 2:04 am

    This is a reference page for Star Wars source material, with a focus on pictures of the studio models. - "The Official Website of the R2-D2 Builders Club". Need I say more?

    Blu Ray - Bonus Material - pictures of bonus footage from the recent Blu Ray DVDs. (dead link)

    Bruce's Domain - pictures, as well as some screecaps.

    Forbidden Plastic - Star Wars Reference Pix - Photos of various models displayed at an exhibit at the Museum of Science in Boston. (dead link)

    HALSTENSEN.COM - "Pictures from 'the art of star wars'" (dead link)

    Chris Lee's Full Scale Millennium Falcon - Reference - Screen captures of the Falcon taken for a project to build a life-size (!) replica.

    The Millennium Falcon – “an exhaustive analysis * over 180 images * blueprints * deck plans * rare photos and concept sketches * every aspect covered!” Also includes some great information on the Tantive IV.

    Modelers Miniatures and Magic - Star Wars Reference - Rare pictures of various studio models, some of which are found nowhere else.

    The Parts of Star Wars - Great reference in general. All facts and no fuzz.

    Phoxim's Science Fiction und Fantasy Modellbau Seite - star wars studio modelle -

    Rebelscum Forums - Garven Dreis in ESB? - Why it's okay to reuse the helmets of your X-wing pilots in Hoth displays.

    The Replica Prop Forums:

    -Cantwell Research Threads:

    >Prototype TIE
    >Concept X-wing
    >T-16 Skyhopper
    >Concept Y-wing

    -ILM X-wing photos - Compilation thread.

    -The One-Stop X-Wing Thread - Loads of reference found nowhere else.

    -TIE-Spotting - rare pictures of the TIE/ln studio models, including Vader's wingman.

    -X-WING/Y-WING/TIE HELMET COMPILATION - "an accounting of all screen-matched helmets "

    Curtis Saxton's Technical Commentaries - Although it should be noted that much of the information here is speculative, this page still offers many useful screen captures, schematics, studio model pictures, and the like.

    Star Wars Helmets - Information on helmets and many other props used in the making of the films.

    Star Wars: The Exhibition - One of many photo galleries from the Exhibition, by kit producer toromodels. The sheer number of closeups is what sets this gallery apart from others.

    Star Wars Exhibits (Group Pool)

    Starship Modeler: Star Wars Hardware Reference - Pictures of various studio models from the Star Wars: The Magic of Myth exhibit at the Smithsonian. - Reference Photos - The best site for pictures of the 5-foot and 32-inch studio models of the Millennium Falcon. There are also some pictures from the Magic of Myth exhibit (though galleries from that exhibit are fairly easy to come across).

    Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki - the most comprehensive source for all canon material. Here be secondary sources more canon than the films themselves. Confused

    View at your own risk. I cannot be held accountable for inconsistencies between studio models and other official sources such as The Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels or the Incredible Cross-Sections books. Choose your sources carefully.

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