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     Index of Building Techniques Empty Index of Building Techniques

    Post  Fallenangel on Wed Mar 30, 2011 1:51 am

    This is an index of building techniques, both legal and illegal. If you've stumbled across an interesting way to achieve a certain form, feel free to PM me and I'll add it to the index.

    SNOT X-wing fusial thrust engine construction:

     Index of Building Techniques Exploded_view

    By: BaronSat
    Description: The headlight bricks look simple at first, but you really can't dismiss them.
    Simple math explains how I did it:
    They're 3 plates tall, 2 plates long, with a lip extending a half plate lengthwise. That means that plates can easily be aligned to the studded side to conform to the 5:2 plate to stud ratio, which is the most important fact to remember when build SNOT. Stack five plates in SNOT and you get a width of two studs. Two of the five plates can be replaced with the 2-long headlight brick, allowing the headlight brick (if placed at the right point in the stack) to attach to studs-up plate and have everything sit flush. And as with all Bricks Modified with Stud(s) on side, the SNOTed bricks will be a half plate above the bottom of the brick, which is the height of all the other studs on the studs-up surface. Since I also attached the headlight bricks so that their tops are at the same height as the now bottom edge of the half-cylinder, the edge of the cylinder will align with a whole number of plates and tiles so it sits flush on all sides. Very Happy If you had wanted to use the other Bricks Modified with studs on side, then you would extend the 3-plate wide assembly attached to the headlight bricks to 5-plates wide, so that it spans an even two studs and the Bricks Modified can attach to the end without spoiling the ratio.

    I also forgot to add, you have to replace the 4L Technic axle attached to the Turbine and the Brick Modified 1 x 2 with Technic Axle Hole with something using Technic pins that aren't fully pushed into the Turbine in order to prevent the Turbine from falling off in real life. This assembly is there only to make the model LDD-compatible.

    SNOT X-wing nose construction:

     Index of Building Techniques Rewx9

    By: brentlymills
    Description: None

    Technic X-wing S-foil System:

     Index of Building Techniques X_wing_wip_6

    By: drakmin
    Description: None

    roguebantha_1138's MINI X-wing:

     Index of Building Techniques 3043583779_2f211dcf71_z

    By: Tim Goddard

    SNOT X-wing nose construction:

     Index of Building Techniques Lddscreenshot43

    By: L-DI-EGO
    Description: None

    SNOT X-wing cockpit canopy:

     Index of Building Techniques 5704459266_c8e4654ca9
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    By: marshal_banana
    Description: None

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